Distributed Systems & AMQP

This section is dedicated to providing an overview of how to design and build an architecture around distributed, expert systems.
The advantage of implementing distributed expert systems is that the overall system is extremely fault tolerant because of the decoupled relationship between applications. One applications availability or lack thereof does not affect another. The software is simpler owing to the fact that each solution is expert in only one thing, and Systems are easier to manage and maintain.
  • Starting off, let's dive a bit deeper, the following article gives a more detailed overview of the advantages that distributed systems have and provides an example architecture.
    Introducing Expert Systems and Distributed Architecture
  • An essential component to developing a distributed system is a queueing technology, the Advanced Message Queue Protocol is the latest and greatest and provides important new features that make it much more usable in an enterprise environment.
    Introducing Advanced Messaging
  • One of the most popular AMQP providers is RabbitMQ, Microsoft is developing similar technologies and we'll try those out soon in an upcoming blog. For now a detailed description of the RabbitMQ technology is provided here
    AMQP provider RabbitMQ
  • The following sections are dedicated to developing sample applications, the first creates a nice utility to make communication with AMQP a little easier and creates a sample app to test that.
    Creating an AMQP Sample App using RabbitMQ
  • A working small scale example of a distributed expert system starts with the development of an expert notification system that adds a layer of security to notifications that is otherwise generally absent.
    An Enterprise Solution to Notifications
  • Lastly, and probably my favorite is an expert logging system, with this in place, you never have to worry about logging again.
    Enterprise solution for Logging
  • Lastly, the entire software library can be found at this blogs companion site at codeplex
    YEA Source Code Examples

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